Hand-crafted Slat Mills



The physical condition of your dog affects how it performs during training and competition. Whether you train your dog for protections sports, detection, obedience, dock diving, a well conditioned dog will perform better than a poorly conditioned dog.

Our slat mills allow you to keep you dog in peak physical condition, even during winter months when the weather makes cardio difficult, or in extremely hot months you can exercise your dog indoors and prevent heat stroke.

Here are some key features that make our slat mills superior to the competition.

1) Shock Absorbing System

Would you run your dog for miles a day on concrete? No! On a hard surface, the dogs joints are absorbing all of the impact. Over the life of the dog, this can put wear on joints and cartilage.

Our Slat mills have a shock absorbing platform that is stable, but absorbs the impact of each stride the dog takes. Why spend the time and money to condition your dog if you are just wearing out their joints?

2) Adjustable Front Legs to Simulate Slope

Add some resistance with slope to not only improve cardiovascular stamina, but also fatigue different muscles groups.

3) Speed Computer to measure distance, time and speed

Just like a human working out on a treadmill, we like to build on previous workouts by measuring distance, speed, and the amount of time we run. This is a great way to measure improvement in your dog's condition, and also to make sure you are building slowly, instead of adding too much running too quickly.

4) Disc Brake - Activated with a Handle

The beauty of a slat mill, is that the dog is not forced to run. This is important for the safety of the dog. The disc brake can be used to instantly stop the turning of the treadmill, for racing purposes, or to hold the mill stationary for training, or simply stopping after a workout.

5) Detachable Sides for Easy Transportation and Storage

The ability to reduce the height of the slat mill is very useful if it needs to be maneuvered into small spaces, or put in storage.

6) Adjustable Dog Fixing Bar

Choose a harness, or a collar on different sizes of dogs with an adjustable top bar

7) Wheels and Handles for Easy Moving

The wheels and handles allow for easy maneuvering of the mill by one person.

8) 8- 10 Free Spins by a Hand Powered Push

For a slat mill to work safely and efficiently, the slats must spin freely, too much resistance can be dangerous for the health of the animal.